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Beyond Belief – Who do you love?

Bo Diddley wrote the darkly boastful music and lyrics to the song “Who do you love?” later made more famous by singers Jim Morrison and George Thorogood ( The song points out that he (Bo) walked forty-seven miles of barbed wire wearing a cobra snake necktie. He had a rattlesnake hide house and was not scared of dying. He exclaims “you should of heard what I seen… come on baby take a little walk with me, tell me who do you love.” Bo’s song exclaims that he is willing to overcome all obstacles in the path of his pursuit for (Arlene’s) love. This is a romantic thought for certain.

Just about any summer night I am sure this song can be heard wafting on the warm breezes from a number of music venues here on the island. Now as the cold wind blows, the fish don’t bite and the dark cold days of winter are directly upon us, I can still hear this song in my head only now it has another deeper meaning.February is really all about love, love for our mates, family, friends and even fishing. We need to remember those we love this month and invite them to continue to walk with us through these difficult days and nights that test our bonds to each other and to this often-solitary island home. When Bo’ said, “You should of heard what I seen” he was talking about the larger world around him. So I would also like to take time this year to expand on that thought, sharing with you, “who do I love?” :Of course I love my wife who puts up with me and shares our common vision of a long meaningful life together and my children who are finding their way in the world now on their own.

Then there are the good Samaritan ATV plowers who surprise us with plowing sidewalks and driveways without a thought or thanks.
The always friendly shared rides with friends and acquaintances to or from the Catawba dock parking lot and the airport to retrieve the misplaced car.
The folks who stand out in the frigid cold helping us recycle. The pilots and captains willing to get us to and from the islands often under difficult circumstances and the men of the ferry who stayed the course beyond our annual expectations. All the people who get our mail to us every day, the most important link to the life beyond the islands.

Those who share their gifts and talents with us, providing learning, entertainment, merriment and healthy exercise opportunities with our community.
The teachers, coaches, volunteers and civic minded business owners who provide the support and energy to allow our children to have a semblance of normalcy; learning, playing sports and interacting with kids near and far. The many parents and community members who again and again step up to the plate providing time, food, and enthusiasm to facilitate our fund raising and community functions. The police, fire, EMS, road crews and workmen making our community safe and accessible. And least we not forget the many members of our various local government committees and councils willing to give up their personal time to help keep our community growing and evolving for warmer days ahead.

Who do you love?

Now come on darling let’s take a little walk, tell me,
Who do you love, Who do you love, Who do you love, Who do you love.
Arlene took me by the hand,
And said oooh eeeh daddy I understand.
Who do you love, Who do you love, Who do you love, Who do you love.
Bo Diddley


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